Blog: 'Erase' Ariel Castro, Seymour Avenue from your mind

9:07 PM, Aug 6, 2013   |    comments
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In a mere 91 days, 3 missing women held captive for at least a decade were rescued, their captor is in prison for life plus 1,000 years, and his Seymour Avenue "house of horrors" is being destroyed.

Now that's what I call swift justice. Nothing can give back the years and years Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus lost while Ariel Castro -- the self-described sex addict -- used them for his sick, twisted pleasure.

But they are free, can go where they please, can feel the sun on their faces once again, and revel in the little girl that Berry had with Castro without having to even remember who fathered her and how.

Once Independence Excavating demolishes the house (for free, I might add), the debris and rubble will be taken to a reclamation site and pulverized, so no one can snatch a piece and sell it online as "murderabilia."

(That was done with soil from convicted Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell's property)

The Cuyahoga Land Bank is also getting the deeds to two vacant houses next door to eventually demolish them as well. A committee has been formed to decide how to transform the soon-to-be-vacant area.

Erasing the memories of the area will take more than that but it's a very good start.

Lots of people have criticized the media for writing stories about Ariel Castro and stories about the three women the past three months. "Leave them alone" has been a frequent comment on stories posted online on any story about the women.

Well, I see "the media" not writing anything much about Castro from now on until he reaches his final prison destination -- he is in a receiving mode at Lorain Correctional Institution for right now.

The other thing associated with the story is the name of the street the house is on -- Seymour Avenue. So, I suggest that the Cleveland City Council members who started the monetary fund for the three women -- the Cleveland Courage Fund -- get the name of the street changed.

Courage Avenue, perhaps, or maybe a name the three woman come up with. Anything but Seymour Avenue. Let's just change the name.

See, even though Sowell is in prison on death row (and appealing his sentence) and his Imperial Avenue house where he disposed of the remains of 11 women was also eventually demolished, Imperial Avenue remains Imperial Avenue, as far as I know.

All I know is that no one wants lingering memories of the unimagineable horror.

The only thing remarkable about this -- as opposed to the Sowell slice of history -- is that it all unfolded in 91 days.

As I said earlier -- swift justice.


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