Blog: Why hide your boyfriend's body in a freezer?

9:06 PM, Aug 8, 2013   |    comments
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Police found the body of a California man missing for more than two years in a freezer in his girlfriend's storage unit in Ventura, California.

There are simpler ways to end a relationship rather than killing your boyfriend and stashing him in the freezer that you've left in a storage unit.

Sure, it's a quick way to dispose of someone you are no longer enamored with but, aside from being illegal, it's no way to end things.

Ventura police haven't said what sent them to discover the body of Jeffrey Korber in June after searching the unit in Ventura as part of a homicide investigation.

Korber was reported missing by his brother in Laguna Beach in 2011 and his 1991 Toyota was eventually found and towed from a parking lot at Los Angeles International Airport.

But now they are looking further at attorney Mary Francesca Hannan, 66, and her son Michael Bresnak, 49, because they believe Bresnak killed Korber at his mother's Ventura home and that she helped him stash the body.

The Associated Press reports that Bresnak is already in police custody in the Ventura County jail on an unrelated violation of the terms of his release for a drug-related conviction and hasn't been charged in Korber's murder...yet.

Police say they last knew of Korber being at Hannan's home and the two had a dating relationship and he had received mail at a post office box registered to her home. Korber was 58 at the time.

I know that married people often go through messy divorces and some are even driven to violence in an attempt to end a relationship.

Police aren't talking about motives or about what they know about Hannan and Korber and Bresnak. And I know that there are many more grisly ways that people have disposed of others that they no longer want around.

And I can't help but think of the TV show "Storage Wars" and what kind of a reaction one of those storage unit winning bidders would have if they found a dead body in a freezer in a unit they bought.

And I guess having covered convicted Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell's trial where we saw where he left the decomposed bodies of the 11 women he murdered has left me a bit numb to that kind of horror.

None of this is funny, really, because Korber's family now has the kind of closure they probably didn't want but closure nonetheless. Now they should get justice...and they will.

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