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International Middle Child Union calls for global strike

7:25 AM, Aug 12, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Birth order is always a hot topic in every family, and today a group is calling for every middle child across the world -- to go on strike.

A tongue-in-cheek group called The International Middle Child Union --  The I.M.C.U --  is calling for a strike today for the mistreatment of the middle child. 

On the streets of downtown Cleveland, not every middle child is ready to strike.

"I wasn't overlooked at all," one middle child tells us. "I was actually a favorite."

"I have two older brothers, I have two younger brothers," another explains. "I was the middle child. I loved being the middle child."

According to a  2008 Brigham Young University study, middle children receive 3,000 fewer hours of quality time with their parents than older siblings did when they passed through the same age range. 

There is an estimated 70 million middle children all around the world and The International Middle Child Union is saying today is their day to go on strike and finally be noticed.

The International Middle Child Union is open for membership and it's free.


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