High-tech lights help Terminal Tower tweet its lights

11:14 AM, Aug 24, 2013   |    comments
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The Terminal Tower communicates through colors and now it's using social media.       

The tower is the gem of Cleveland's skyline. 

Striking architecture is enhanced by a high-tech light system that alters the tower's appearance on a nightly basis.          

The colors change for different causes. 

A few examples:

  • Red, White & Blue -- Fourth of July, President's Day  
  • Green -- St. Patrick's Day  
  • Blue -- Autism Awareness Day 
  • Red -- Valentines day, American Heart Association
  • Pink -- Breast Cancer 
  • Purple -- Epilepsy Awareness

To help connect with the community, the tower created a Twitter account: @TowerLightsCLE.      

Tweets contain information on why the tower is a certain color, as well as daily and historic photos and facts. 

Not every request can be granted, but the tower has started taking requests via Twitter to change colors.       

To keep the focus on the tower, the person who controls the lights prefers to stay anonymous, so we conducted a Twitterview.

@KrisPickelNews Why do you tweet? 

@TowerLightsCLE I tweet to keep the followers informed on why lights are a particular color and also to share fun facts about the Terminal Tower.   

@KrisPickelNews What do your colors represent?

@TowerLightsCLE The colors represent various causes and organizations. Most have their brand colors, pink for breast cancer etc. I light up as they request     

@KrisPickelNews Why stay anonymous? 

@TowerLightsCLE I'm not really anonymous. I'm the Terminal Tower silly.   

@KrisPickelNews What's your best move?

@TowerLightsCLE The Chasing Rainbow is the money move! I like to do that one when I'm showing off.   

@KrisPickelNews Do you have a favorite color? 

@TowerLightsCLE I like all of the colors! I think blue and purple look good on the building. It's also great to light up for the Indians, Cavs and Browns.   

@KrisPickelNews What's the best way to get you to turn a color? 

@TowerLightsCLE There is an application process at www.towercitycleveland.com/info/lighting. Or if you pay me a compliment, I'll change to a lovely blush color. 

The lights were installed as part of the five-year restoration that was completed in 2010. 

There are 508 individual lights and each light can be individually programmed to do any color or effect. 

A fun little fact: The fixtures are Phillips fixtures -- the same type used by the Empire State Building.       

As for the power bill: Forest City, which owns the tower, doesn't meter the exterior lights separately from the rest of the building, but does know the LED lights save about $20,000 a year over the old lights.


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