Ohio releases new A-F report cards to schools

5:06 AM, Aug 23, 2013   |    comments
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COLUMBUS --  Ohio's top public schools official says no district received all As on Ohio's new A-F report cards, and none received all Fs.

The 2013 report cards rate schools and buildings in the first nine of 18 new performance criteria. Districts and buildings won't receive overall letter grades until 2015.

The Ohio Department of Education released the data on an interactive state website. Aggregate state results weren't immediately available.

The revamped system replaces the six-tier assessment system that featured such labels as "Excellent" and "Continuous Improvement."

You can look up your district's results on the ODE website: http://reportcard.education.ohio.gov/Pages/default.aspx

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District, which started classes this week with high expectations for improvement, scored an F on several portions of the report card.   As mentioned, previously, districts will not receive overall performance grades until 2015.

In the area of achievement, which measures how a district's academic success compares to national standards, the district earned a D in performance and an F for the percentage of indicators met.

The district also earned an F for its graduation rates (both 4 and 5 year statistics) as well as an F overall for progress, looking at average learning gains for individual students.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District says the ODE results showed few improvements for the district over the previous year.

"The incremental gains we are seeing on last year's report card are precisely what we have seen year after year, and this is not the change we want or the community demands for our schools," said CEO Eric Gordon. "As we enter the 2013-2014 school year, CMSD's report card is the same as before, but CMSD is not."

The district has implemented the Cleveland Plan to transform the schools and is coming off its first levy passage in 16 years to help fund the schools.

"Seeing another 'F' on our report card is sobering at the start of a new school year, particularly for this staff and this community who worked so hard to bring about the changes we must see in our schools," said Gordon. "But a walk through any one of our schools this year shows that CMSD is clearly not where we were one year ago."

"Ohio has raised the standards for what we expect from schools and clearly Cleveland is not meeting them right now," State Superintendent Richard Ross said. "But I am very hopeful that the aggressive and bold Cleveland Plan will significantly improve the long-term performance of the Cleveland school system. Everyone in Ohio has a stake in seeing that all boys and girls in Cleveland get the education they need to enjoy a bright future."



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