Blog: Tweet asking if it's 'OK to have sex with drunk girl'?

7:07 PM, Aug 22, 2013   |    comments
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The uproar has yet to die down. Dr. Phil's tweet asking if sex with a drunk girl is OK continues to reverberate on the it should.

Social media being as immediate as it is can be both a blessing and a curse and ill-advised tweets -- or even Facebook posts -- are like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.

It began Tuesday when, on Dr. Phil McGraw's verified Twitter account, a tweet asked if it's OK to have sex with a drunk girl, with the hashtag teensaccused. Now I write my own tweets but I highly doubt Dr. Phil does the same so someone else apparently made a really bad decision on his behalf.

And if you live in Ohio, you likely know about the two Steubenville High School football players convicted of raping a Weirton, West Virginia girl (who also went to the same high school) while she was drunk.

What's also rather odd is the timing of Dr. Phil's alleged question, the fact that it occurred on social media and last year's rape. Dr. Phil's people said the tweet was for a show that was being taped Wednesday but they won't say what the show is about or if it's even about Steubenville "one year later."

The rape occurred the night of Aug. 11, 2012, when an incapacitated high school girl was publicly and repeatedly sexually assaulted by her peers, several of whom documented the acts in social media.

The victim was transported, undressed, photographed, and sexually assaulted. She was also penetrated vaginally by other students' fingers, an act defined as rape under Ohio law.

What was equally upsetting was the "assailants" actions were documented on Facebook, Twitter, text messages, and cell phone recordings of the acts.

Ma'lik Richmond and Trent Mays, both 16 at the time of the crime, were convicted in juvenile court for the rape of a minor. A grand jury is still meeting to see if others should be charged -- like parents, coaches, others who may have known what happened and didn't report it.

Dr. Phil's tweet was deleted Wednesday but the damage was done. In a statement, Dr. Phil's people said "It was clearly ill-advised" and "we sincerely apologize," that the tweet "was intended to evoke discussion leading into a very serious show topic."

"This tweet was intended to evoke discussion leading into a very serious show topic based upon a recent news story, hence the #teensaccused label," the statement also read.

They may never air the episode or they may air it and it may be about the Steubenville teens.

But one thing is for sure -- it is never "OK" to have sex with a drunk girl who can't give consent. Why was that question even asked for whatever reason in the first place? Sigh


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