Blog: Final score was Indians 7, Browns 6

11:44 AM, Aug 25, 2013   |    comments
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The Cleveland Indians outscored the Cleveland Browns on Saturday and the 6 points the Browns had in the 27-6 loss to the Colts weren't (as usual) from Phil Dawson but from new kicker Shayne Graham.

We are used to now-former kicker Dawson putting lots (or most) of our points on the board but that ship has sailed and we need a new plan.

I am not happy that the Browns lost but at least we don't have a mess like the Jets and Patriots do. More on that in a minute.

It's a race for the wild card for the Indians so it is more important for them to win than a win in the Browns' preseason game, since the Browns are still a work-in-progress and they are 2-1 now in games that don't really count.

Just remember that the Browns beat the the Rams and Lions by a combined 51-25 score in the first two preseason games.

Cleveland is a sports town, as it has shown through decades of winning and losing teams in various sports. This is the time of year that football and baseball collide and I hope that the Indians have much success.

College football gets underway this week as well and the Browns face another short turnaround before the next game on Thursday in Chicago against the Bears.

That being said, at least the Browns didn't have the havoc on the field that the Jets did.

Remember that the Jets cut back-up QB Tim Tebow and he is fighting -- and apparently failing -- to win a spot on Bill Belichick's Patriots. Tebow rode the bench in the Patriots' 40-9 loss to the Lions last Thursday.

Adding to that, the Patriots had already cut QB Brian Hoyer -- a Lakewood native and St. Ignatius grad -- and Hoyer is now with the Browns behind Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell. But I digress.  

So Saturday night, the Jets played rookie Geno Smith and, unfortunately, proved he really wasn't ready to take the job. He threw three interceptions and stepped out of the end zone in a panic for a safety.

The Jets' Rex Ryan -- in a move even I couldn't imagine -- put QB Mark Sanchez back in against the New York Giants in the fourth quarter and he was hurt. What was Ryan thinking? The game really means nothing and now you send in your best quarterback? So you beat the Giants in a meaningless game and lose a QB?

We don't know how bad Sanchez's injury is but now Smith is a front-runner for the default, apparently.

At least the Browns don't have a quarterback controversy this year. So let's stop worrying about the preseason and set our sights on when the games really count.


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