Facebook 'Social Butterfly Blue' nail polish getting 'likes'?

6:13 PM, Sep 5, 2013   |    comments
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You may feel like Facebook has already taken over your life, but the website has just taken their reign one step further.

The social media giant sells a shade of nail polish at its Menlo Park, California, headquarters called Social Butterfly Blue, for $4.95 a bottle.

While the website's logo isn't featured on the packaging, the distinctive blue is recognizable to anyone familiar with Facebook's home page.

So, that would exclude a longtime friend of mine who refuses to join Facebook, always referring to it as "Facepage." But I digress.

According to an article published in the New Yorker in April, Mark Zuckerberg chose that particular color for his website because he is red-green colorblind.

The 29-year-old entrepreneur explained "Blue is the richest color for me -- I can see all of blue."

Another possible reason behind the iconic hue is that blue has been proven to trigger certain emotions when it comes to marketing.

Now, all that being said, if I paint my fingernails and toenails with Social Butterfly Blue, will more people 'like' me? Will it be a marketing tool for my outstanding personality?

As anyone will tell you, I am very traditional when it comes to nail polish colors -- eschewing bright reds and bright oranges for pinks and pale gray.

I have ventured into the mint green arena for nail polish at times when the mood strikes me, it's a special occasion and the timing is right but I just prefer colors that don't draw attention away from my outstanding personality and wonderful smile -- and my humility.

And although I dearly love the Cleveland Browns, you will never see orange or brown on my nails.

So, anyone in the Menlo Park area want to send me a bottle to try?


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