Truck tailgate decal maker uses 'tied-up woman' for advertising

4:58 PM, Sep 8, 2013   |    comments
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A Waco, Texas advertising and marketing company producing a lifesized truck tailgate decal that shows a blond woman tied up in the bed of the truck is creating controversy before it was even marketed...if it ever is.

The owner of the company said a "test" decal was slapped onto the tailgate of an employee's truck to gauge how "realistic" their decals could be. Well, they got a reaction all right, and all of it negative, apparently.

I added a picture of the decal to this blog only so you can see what they're talking about.

If they wanted to go the route of an eye-catching decal of the female persuasion -- as sexist as that may be -- couldn't they have thought of something else other than a woman in distress? Like a woman suntanning in a bikini? Or a woman stretched out and attired ala Daisy Duke, with a beer can in her hand?

I came up with those ideas in less than two minutes. Of course, they could also have totally avoided all that and gone with a shirtless, sexy man with a "come hither" look if, in fact, they were just going for "realistic" and not shock value.

Or how about a decal of a bunch of loose chickens walking in the truck bed? Or piles and piles of money? Or gallons and gallons of liquor bottles? I thought of those alternatives in the same two minutes and could have been photographed just about as easily.

The owner of Hornet Signs said his company doesn't condone tying up women and tossing them into a truck bed. Oh really? But do you condone exploitation of woman? Violence against women? Yikes!

I see the idea behind their business, though. On its website, it states: "We have all experienced the "Traffic Double Take." You know, that head-turning, neck-jerking moment when you say, 'What was that'? A custom vehicle wrap from Hornet Signs can do that for your business."

We've all see wrapped vehicles and they do garner attention but this?

To make matters worse, if that's possible, Kolb says an employee volunteered to be tied up and photographed to create the decal. Shame on her as well.

Kolb told a local news station late last week that the company has seen increased orders in truck decals but didn't say whether anyone ordered the bound woman.

I hope not.


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