Chief says people got access because of "who they were"

4:24 PM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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COLUMBUS -- Cleveland's police chief says one lesson learned from the headline-grabbing discovery of three women held captive for a decade is the need be careful about who gets through police perimeters outside such crime scenes.

Police Chief Michael McGrath says some people got inside the perimeter at that scene because of "who they were" and then publicly shared details they overheard.

McGrath says that made it harder to manage the chaos as the story unfolded in May.

He says police must be more observant about who accesses such areas outside crime scenes, and he vows it won't happen again in his division.

Cleveland police recapped the case Friday at a conference for public information officers. Police say they're still receiving gifts for the women.

Their captor, Ariel Castro, just committed suicide in prison.

Associated Press

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