Cleveland's 'Laughter League' creates new Browns viral video

6:51 PM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Tragedy in the theater is lending to a bit of comedy on the gridiron with a new viral video that puts orange and brown on a Les Mis favorite.

The brains behind the new YouTube sensation sat down with Channel 3's Sara Shookman.

Cleveland's own Laughter League has made spoofs on the Browns before but never with so much success.

"I guess all we need to do is march and sing about the Browns and everybody loves it," said Patrick Ciamacco, the group's artistic director.

"One Year More" a "Les Mis" inspired Browns ballad posted on YouTube this week has 21,000 views and climbing.

"We expected maybe two, three hundred people, to see it," said Chuck Klein. 

"It helped us a little bit I think that they lost, which I would rather if they won, but them losing I think maybe gave it a little extra views," said Ciamacco. 

The stage skit became a viral video in just days as it was sung, shot and edited over Labor Day weekend. 

The group set up sets in front of the stadium and their home base Blank Canvas Theater inside the 78th Street Studios.

The Laughter League says this work of art is all about a love for Browns Town.

"I love the idea of how 'Les Mis,' they're fighting against the odds. Just like how we're always fighting against the odds," said Joe Ciamacco. 

"Cleveland, we love to make fun of ourselves," said Noah Hrbek. "And we love to pick out all the downfalls and things like that and just have fun with it."

Like the rest of us, they believe there's always next year.

"It is just an homage to Cleveland and how every year, it's like getting this army together, like we're going to win. We're going to take it over. We're going to do this, and then, whatever happens, we'll get that army up the next year," said Patrick. 

They just hope 2013 is that year, and that the team is listening.

"I would love to hope that maybe they are singing it at practice, or maybe they want us to come down and sing it to get them inspired," he said.

You can see the whole video here and learn more about the Laughter League. Their next stage shows are set for Nov. 8 and 9. 


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