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Dennis Rodman films bizarre commercial for pistachios

4:29 AM, Sep 17, 2013   |    comments
Photo: AP.
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Dennis Rodman has made headlines in recent months for his diplomacy trips to North Korea. And clearly, the best way to bring more attention to these efforts is to parody them in a commercial for pistachios.

Scroll to bottom of story to see video of the commercial

In one of the most utterly bizarre commercials an athlete has ever filmed, the seven-time rebounding champ and Hall of Famer sits with an actor resembling North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. They're both decked out in black-and-neon-green outfits, and Rodman has hair to match.

"The secret to world peace is...pistachios," Rodman declares, before fake Kim Jong-un presses the red button on his chair and reduces Rodman to a cloud of smoke, clapping maniacally.

"Dennis Rodman does it because he's nuts," says the voiceover, and never has that been more apparent than now. Rodman is filming a commercial for nuts that spoofs one of the most controversial political figures in the world, with whom Rodman has a strange and inexplicable friendship. Who told him that was a good idea?


By Sean Highkin


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