Westlake names students with Down syndrome homecoming queen/king

6:21 AM, Sep 21, 2013   |    comments
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WESTLAKE -- At Westlake High School's annual rose arch ceremony, Demon pride was in full effect as students geared up for homecoming.

This year the student body voted two very special students onto the homecoming court.

Holly Thomas and Jacob Cox are high school sweethearts. They also each have Down syndrome.

This is the final year of high school for Holly and Jacob. They both are 22 years old and have aged out of their special education program.

So homecoming gave Westlake High School students a chance to show their love for the pair.

"The student body here is really involved with special kids," says Griffin Schiller, a student aide to Jacob. "Everyone knows them, so I think everyone wants to see them win."

And win they did. Just before Friday night's football game, Holly and Jacob were crowned king and queen.


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