Month in Review: September 2013

6:13 PM, Oct 1, 2013   |    comments
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As September 2013 comes to a close, here are some notable weather facts for the month:


The hottest day of the year for Cleveland was recorded on September 10th, when the temperature reached 96 degrees at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Cleveland's average high temperatures for September 74.3 degrees.

Cleveland's average low temperature was between 55.7 degrees.

The city received a close to 2 inches of rain, with the heaviest rain falling on September 21st, when 0.86 inches of rain was recorded.


For the Akron and Canton area, the temperature reached 93 degrees on September 10th, which tied for the highest temperature of the year.

The average high temperatures for the area ranged between 74.1 degrees.

The average low temperatures for the area ranged between 53.7 degrees.


Mansfield reached 95 degrees on September 10th, recording its hottest day of the year.

The lowest temperatures during the month was recorded on September 24th. The temperature cooled down to 41 degrees.

Mansfield received approximately 2.73 inches of rain during September.

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