Traffic changes underway

7:51 AM, Oct 6, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- As one new bridge gets set to open, we say goodbye to an old one.  

In the process, we say goodbye to available lanes getting into downtown.

The first bridge we expect to open this fall, likely sometime around thanksgiving.

"The first of two new innerbelt bridges is taking shape, but as ODOT prepares to cut the ribbon, new traffic patterns will force motorist to find easier ways to get downtown," Says Jocelynn Clemings with the Ohio Department of Transportation. 

Most of these changes are really going to affect folks headed into downtown, so prepare for your morning commute on Monday.

"90 east is now just 2 lanes and I-71 north is down to 1. Once you get past the Jennings freeway with no connection between Jennings and I-71 north. The work around for all of this is I-490 to I-77. The time frame, til 2016" Clemings added, "What's great about the traffic plan that we have in place is that we are adding lanes to I-490 and I-77. So all those folks will have a much better ride using I-490 and I-77 into downtown."

The changes have been made to free up the old bridges for demolition. 


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