Haunted house puts clothes on controversial nude challenge

8:15 AM, Oct 7, 2013   |    comments
Photo: Shocktoberfest.
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SINKING SPRING, Penn. -- Nude no longer.

A haunted house in western Pennsylvania that was daring its customers to go through fully nude has put the pants on those plans.

Shocktoberfest made worldwide headlines last month when they announced their "Naked and Scared Challenge." The idea was to put patrons at their ultimate level of vulnerability by facing their fears inside a haunted house while walking through completely naked.

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The "Naked and Scared Challenge" -- only for those 18 and older -- was slated to take place after Shocktoberfest's regular hours of operation closed to the general public throughout the 2013 Halloween season. Those brave enough would sign a waiver and undress in a "semi-private" building before entering the haunted attraction.

But those plans for the fully nude option have been zipped up at the request of Sinking Spring officials -- at least for this year.

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Shocktoberfest officials posted a cancellation notice on their website:

To all of our supporters and customers,

When we designed The Naked and Scared Challenge, our goal was to bring you an experience like you have never seen before. We had no idea how quickly it would spread across the country and the world. It was the talk of countless morning radio shows, the Today Show, Jay Leno, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, AOL, Newspapers around the country, and abroad such as UK, Canada, Australia, and Scandinavia. In its original design, we were offering the "nude" or "prude" options. Although the Naked and Scared Challenge is legal, due to this worldwide attention, it has been requested by our township officials not of offer the "nude" option. Not wanting to engage in a battle with our municipalities we have decided to concede. We are still offering the "prude" option of going through the Unknown with nothing but your underwear. We still feel confident this experience will be very intense. In discussing this with Spring township officials, we may be able to offer the "nude" option next year. Stay tuned...

For any customer that has purchased the Naked and Scared Challenge that does not want to do the "prude" option, we are offering a full refund to your credit card. Simply email us at contact@shocktoberfest.com.

Shocktoberfest is dubbed a haunted scream park, which features numerous scary attractions.

Haunted house officials say their motivation for the nude challenge came from the "Naked and Afraid" reality show on the Discovery channel.


Would you ever consider walking through a haunted house in the buff? What is your favorite local haunted attraction?


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