Chesterland woman loses nearly 200 pounds

2:09 PM, Oct 9, 2013   |    comments
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CHESTERLAND, Ohio -- Linda Sabovik is definitely worth of the title "biggest loser!" She wasn't on the NBC show, but she truly is an amazing success story that is nearly unbelievable.

Sabovik has lost nearly 195 pounds. She is a hair stylist who works on the east side in Chesterland.

When asked to see some pictures before her weight loss from just a few years ago, she said, "I would be behind the camera. I never wanted my picture taken. Never! It was just an uncomfortable thing. I really didn't want to see just how large I was. I knew I was large 'cause I couldn't fit in booths in restaurants, theater chairs were uncomfortable, so I knew, but I didn't want to see it.  I work in front of a mirror all day long but I didn't look at myself."

Sabovik joined a local chapter of Weight Watchers in Mentor and she started to see results -- consistent results in the form of three pounds per week. In fact, she never missed a meeting in three years.

"I've lost close to 200 pounds," Sabovik said. "200 pounds ago, I was very inactive, rather sedentary. I've always had a good energy level, but it's like off the scales with energy now!" 

Sabovik stresses her weight loss isn't about "the number" of weight you lose, it's about how you feel. 


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By Joe Cronauer, Channel 3 News


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