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Akron Zoo octopus picks Nani as her name after nationwide naming contest

9:14 AM, Oct 10, 2013   |    comments
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Meet Nani the octopus. Photo: Akron Zoo.

AKRON -- She's been swimming around her tank at the Akron Zoo for months without any formal identity -- but today, she finally has a name.

Meet Nani.

She chose that name, which means "beautiful" in Hawaiian, after a nationwide naming contest.

Zoo officials say more than 1,400 name suggestions were submitted, which were later narrowed down to three: Nani, Ollie and Jet.

Ollie was selected because it was one of the top vote-getters, while Jet was picked due to the way an octopus moves via jet propulsion.

Those three names were written on enrichment balls and placed inside her tank early Thursday morning.

The first ball she touched -- which had "Nani" written on it -- ultimately determined her new identity.

Nani weighs approximately eight pounds and is four feet long from the top of her head to the end of her arms.

She has been on display since mid-July having been acquired by the Akron Zoo shortly after their first self-named octopus, Cora, died due to an age-related illness.

Cora swam into national headlines in May 2012 after becoming the first Akron Zoo octopus to choose her own name.

PHOTOS | Cora picks her own name

Typically the lifespan of a giant Pacific octopus is about 3-5 years.

Giant Pacific octopuses can be found in the Northern Pacific Ocean from southern California, north along the coast of North America's Pacific northwest and south to Japan. They live in rocky areas, caves and kelp forests, from the shores to depths of more than 500 feet.

They eat fish, shrimp, crabs, scallops, clams and other shellfishes. They are considered mollusks and are related to clams, oysters, squid and snails.


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