911 calls in bizarre Lorain homicide released

7:24 PM, Oct 15, 2013   |    comments
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We are getting a better idea of what happened in Lorain when a possible murder suspect crashed through the window of a home. 

Police have just released the 911 tape of the incident.

It started with a very calm call to police from 32 year old William Taylor.

"Yeah, I'm hearing gunshots," said Taylor.

When police arrived they found Catalina Ortiz dead from a gunshot wound to her head. Then, minutes later, police got this call to 911.

"Someone just broke the window to the house and they're like in the house and they're bleeding," said Garcia. 

Garcia was sitting on the couch when the first caller, William Taylor, crashed through the living-room window.

While Taylor was in the house he called  police again at the same time Carla was talking to them.

"Can you guys hurry up. He's acting funny like he's not there, all there," said Garcia.

When officers arrived at the house, with the broken window, they used a taser  on Taylor. He later died at the hospital.

It's unclear at this point in the investigation what caused Taylor's death. 


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