WMMS' host Rover back in court Wednesday

2:49 PM, Oct 16, 2013   |    comments
Michael 'Chocolate Charlie' Toomey and Shane 'Rover' French.
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CLEVELAND -- A popular voice in morning radio was back in court Wednesday morning for an arraignment to face charges connected to his arrest in July.

Bond for WMMS radio host Shane "Rover" French and his co-host, Michael "Chocolate Charlie" Toomey, was continued at the court hearing.

The duo from "Rover's Morning Glory," which airs weekday mornings on WMMS, were both arrested after an alleged altercation with an off-duty Cleveland police officer on Whiskey Island.

A grand jury recently returned indictments against Rover on 13 counts, including inducing panic, attempted felonious assault, assault, vandalism, criminal damaging, resisting arrest and illegal fireworks.

Toomey faces similar charges.

Both have pleaded not guilty and will be back for a pre-trial hearing on Wednesday, Oct. 23 at 9:30 a.m.

The allegations stem around an incident in which an officer claimed to have heard fireworks coming from Rover's boat and asked him to stop.

Rover, 37, and Toomey, 28, were reported to be highly intoxicated and refused. That's when they allegedly started shooting fireworks at the officer, almost hitting him.

The officer then walked to the men, putting out a fuse used to light the fireworks.

The men then allegedly got into a shoving match with the officer as he stated he was a Cleveland police officer, showing his badge.

After Rover's friends reportedly grabbed the two, the officer turned away. That's when Rover reportedly ran behind the officer and pushed him, saying, "I don't believe you're an officer."

The officer turned around and arrested him. French got free and ran to his boat with Toomey.

More officers showed up to the boat and both men were taken into custody.

Rover took to the airwaves the Monday after his July arrest and made a statement regarding the incident.

In part he said:  "The allegations are absolutely absurd, ridiculous and not based in fact whatsoever. In fact, if these charges weren't so serious, it would be comical. But it is very serious and I'm taking the matter very seriously."

Rover talked about the indictment on his radio show Oct. 3. He described the charges as being "trumped up" and says he believes they are in retaliation of his intent to file a complaint against the off-duty officer.  

Rover says he is confident the facts of the case will prove his innocence.


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