Damon's Famous Onion Loaf

11:43 AM, Aug 16, 2005   |    comments
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Damon’s Famous Onion Loaf Step #1: Onion Preparation Ingredients Onions (Spanish Colossal #1) 3 – 4 cups Clean and prepare 17 – 20 ounces of onions by using a knife to slice the root end from all of the onions and remove outer layer of onion. Slice each onion into approximately 3/8 inch rings. Remove all the centers from the sliced onions with your thumb. (“Centers” are pieces that a thumb will not fit through.) Place separated onion rings into a clean, vented container, discarding any green, striped, thin and limp rings. Store onions in a refrigerator for 48 hours to allow them to “sweat,” which allows removes excess moisture. Step #2: Battering and Flouring Ingredients Onions “Sweated” for 48 hours Eggs 10 Milk 1 Gallon Flour 1 Cup Sugar* 1 Cup * Super-fine, granulated sugar recommended Mix ingredients together to create batter. Stir batter every 5 minutes to prevent separation. Sort through the sweated onion rings and remove any green striped or limp rings while re-popping any double rings. Drop several handfuls into the batter and soak for 1-2 minutes. Remove the soaked onions and place into a strainer and drain for 30 seconds. Coat battered onion rings evenly with flour, sifter recommended. Put flour-coated onions into the deep fryer basket and gently shake until excess flour is removed. Store floured onions in refrigerator (38°- 40°F) until ready for deep frying. If onions become sticky lightly dust them with flour. Randomly drop 17 to 20 ounces of floured onions in a 9 inch by 4 inch wire basket approximately 3 inches tall. Do not pack. Use a basket, screen or top over the top of the loaded basket to hold onions in place while frying. Place in 360˚f oil and fry 3 – 4 minutes, until golden brown throughout. Remove from fryer and allow to cool before turning basket over to remove onion loaf.


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