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Police officer fired for excessive use of force

11:39 AM, Nov 21, 2006   |    comments
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By most accounts, the suspect, Kristina Fretter, was belligerent and nasty but she was also handcuffed and had her back to the officer. Still, Long fired 50,000 volts into her body. The arrest of Fretter was not easy. Three times she slipped out of her handcuffs. She was not cooperative and downright mean. After a week long internal investigation, Mayor Darlene Ondercin fired rookie officer Long "She wasn't screaming,” Ondercin said. “She wasn't kicking. She wasn't moving around absolutely nothing." The mayor followed the recommendation of Long's boss, Chief Mike Gurich. "She was acting out but not to the level of Taser usage," Gurich said. Sheffield Taser policy is consistent with other departments across the country reviewed by Target 3. Only when a handcuffed suspect is acting out violently should police consider using a Taser. "They could have used hands-on techniques, as far as prisoner escort positions if it [was] where she was too combative they could have used joint manipulation," Gurich said. Officer Long told his chief that he feared for the safety of the female dispatcher, sent into the booking room to search Fretter. "If she, [Fretter] broke away from Todd, [the second officer], she could slam her up against the wall and hit her head or something," Long said. Target 3 attempted to get the officer's side of the story at his Elyria home. Long's father turned us away at the door. Even though he was trained two years ago, this was the first time he shot his Taser. And, apparently, his last.


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