Caught on tape: Man pulled over driving golf cart

2:43 PM, Jun 1, 2007   |    comments
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"I was surprised he was still alive and nobody else was hurt," Brunswick Hills police Sergeant Christopher Kovach said. Kovach stopped golf outing duffer Jeremy Clary last Saturday evening driving a golf cart northbound on Sub Station road. "I had been drinking since I woke up at noon today," Clary admitted on the officer's dashcam tape. "I shouldn't be driving a vehicle of course that's why I am driving a golf cart," Clary said. Off the course golf carts are dangerous particularly in moving traffic. There are no safety belts lights or reflectors and the top speed is ten miles an hour. Police say this guy drove eight miles. Kovach says in the middle of the golf outing at Cherokee Hills Golf Club, Clary decided to leave cart, clubs and all. "There's a lot of hills. There are no roads under 45 miles an hour," Kovach said. Clary drove to Steve's Dakota Grill in Medina to congratulate a friend on his wedding. Police say they pulled him over on the return trip with a blood alcohol level, twice the legal limit. Clary was charged with driving under the influence because a golf cart is still considered a motorized vehicle. That's a driving mistake that will cost him a lot more then a stroke.


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