EPA report on Geauga County air sparks criticism from Grendell, LaTourette

6:16 PM, Mar 17, 2008   |    comments
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The EPA report predicts Geauga County will be one of the 28 smoggiest counties in the United States and the only one in Ohio in that category. State Senator Tim Grendell fears the report could prompt lifestyle-changing "do's and don'ts," like bans on campfires, open burning and limits on lawnmower usage. And he fears publicity about the results could discourage companies from moving to Geauga County. Geauga County already has air quality and ozone issues because it is downwind from both Cleveland and Akron. It gets pollution carried on the wind from both cities. Congressman Steve LaTourette belittled the report. "Geauga County as a hub of air pollution? I wonder if these EPA bureaucrats realize that the Amish park their buggies at the hardware store and, in some areas, horses and cows probably outnumber people and cars. I think the EPA has smog on the brain to come up with this data and I intend to challenge it," LaTourette said. Click "Play Video" to watch Tom Beres' report


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