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Police say man leaving Brooklyn store with Pepsi was no accident

12:19 PM, Apr 10, 2008   |    comments
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BROOKLYN, Ohio -- Police say a security tape supports their claim: this Pepsi theft was no accident. Thomas Sturgis, 50, of Cleveland told a local TV station Tuesday that, after paying $157.20 for groceries Saturday night at the Brooklyn Giant Eagle, he forgot about a $4 case of pop under the cart and was arrested for petty theft. But Brooklyn Police Chief Mark Tenaglia says that security video shows Sturgis using a self-checkout with no items on the bottom of his cart. Tenaglia says a second video camera shows Sturgis loading six 12-packs of Pepsi into his cart before he exited the store. The total value of the soda was $21.54 with tax. Sturgis declined to comment yesterday.

The Associated Press

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