Cuyahoga Falls dam removal continues

CUYAHOGA FALLS -- Cleanup continues as remainder of a second dam comes down in Cuyahoga Falls.

The sounds of pneumatic hammers echo through downtown Cuyahoga Falls as crews work to remove the second of two low-head dams left from the city's industrial past. Water levels of the Cuyahoga River are down somwhere over 15 feet, uncovering a hundred years of shoreline, trash and industrial debris.

The first dam, near the Sheraton Hotel, was removed a few weeks ago. The work on the powerhouse dam to the North is around 80 percent finished. The city has warned people about getting on the newly uncovered shoreline or in the river itself, due to unstable banks and tons of industrial debris, including some unknown liquids that are oozing from the banks.

The river is now flowing as it was more than a hundred years ago. If you'd like to see the river, there is an observation area under the Portage Trail bridge in downtown Cuyahoga Falls, and Riverfront Park just off state Route 8 is open to the public. The river itself remains closed to canoe and kayak traffic until further notice. Water levels will rise as more water is released from reserviors upstream.

To see the before and after pictures of the river, hit the play button provided.


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