Re-evaluating school security

CLEVELAND -- District leaders nationwide often use violent incidents at a school to re-evaluate and strengthen their security protocols.

A Northeast Ohio security expert says it's hard to get 100 percent security in any school, but the best defense is a well-trained staff and student body.

"Kids will come forward and tell adults that they trust about a plot, a plan, a concern about a student," explains security expert Ken Trump. "We need to do more with our people, training awareness and diversifying our drills."

Trump also says for many districts there is tunnel vision, with training focused on an active shooter situation but leaders have to realize any weapon can be used.

"Knives are actually much more prevalent in schools than guns, one gun is one too many but on a day to day basis we typically pull knives from students rather than guns."

Trump says he believes schools should do their drills early in the morning when most mass attacks usually take place. He adds that tighter security around the building 24 hours a day is also important.


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