Local woman creates Garden of Flavor Juice business

CLEVELAND -- Juice cleanses are a hot trend, first nationally, and now they've come to Cleveland.

A local woman joined the juice business with two simple goals -- get Northeast Ohioans healthy and make it her living.

Her juices are now in grocery stores throughout Ohio and parts of Michigan, including local Heinen's stores and Whole Foods.

It's called Garden of Flavor and the business took off last April. Lisa Reed's production facility in Midtown Cleveland went from making eight hundred bottles a month to 10,000, proof that more Northeast Ohioans are squeezing juicing into their diet..

For Lisa it started 25 years ago when her mother was fighting cancer. She and her mom traveled the world looking for alternative cancer therapies.

"The bottom line to a lot of these alternative clinics was drinking green juice every single day, lots of green juice," Reed says.

That concept stuck with Reed and today she's still making her green juice but now on a much bigger scale. She only contracts with organic farmers, including one in Wooster where she gets her veggies in the summer. Every day tons of fruits and veggies are cold pressed into juice and immediately bottled and capped.

"It's all food it's all pure natural unadulterated food," Reed says.

Her juices contain all sorts of healthy ingredients including Goji berries, pineapple, ginger, beets, carrots, parsley, kale, a protein drink made from cashew nuts and a spicy lemon juice.

"I think everyone should juice. We're busy people and we don't take the time to eat lots of raw vegetables and fruit," Reed says.

Her cleanse consists of six juices totaling 1,200 calories meant to be drunk in a specific order every two hours. You can do it for one, three or five days. Cost is $45 a six-pack for one day or $8 per bottle.

"Cleansing is a great jump start it's nice to do maybe three or four days a month a lot of people pick up a six-pack and juice one day a week," Reed says.

It may help kick start your way into a healthier diet, but don't think it's the only thing cleaning out your system.

"Ultimately, our bodies detoxify ourselves our liver kidney and other systems in the body detoxify ourselves," says Cleveland Clinic Registered Dietician Laura Jeffers.

Jeffer's suggests one or two days tops, but Reed's customers claim some big benefits after a week including reduced bloating,
glowing skin, weight loss, increased energy, clearer thoughts, reduced blood pressure and regular bowel movements.

"By drinking the juice of the cucumber, celery, kale, spinach and parsley, we're really flooding and feeding our body and healing it," Reed says.

She's not the only juice business in town, local chef Anna Harouvis started Anna in the Raw as well.

To learn more about Reed's Garden of Flavor, click HERE.


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