Ohio's legal medical marijuana date won't help most patients

Medical Marijuana now legal in Ohio

Setptember 8 is an historic day in the history of marijuana use in Ohio.

The use of medical marijuana is officially legal.

But it won't really make much of a difference to patients like Josie Weigel.

The 11-year-old Willoughby girl has a brain disorder that stunts developments and causes seizures.

Her mom, Carrieann is her champion.

She believes medical marijuana oil will help reduce her daughter's seizures

She is not that excited about Thursday.

"We can say it is legal and we can get it. But we can't really get it," she said.

That's because Ohio does not yet have a pot industry, growing or selling products.

A 13-person panel must still be appointed to work with three state boards or agencies drafting regulations for the fledgling businesses and for doctors to be able to authorize patients with qualifying conditions to use pot.

Aaron Marshall, of Ohioans for Legal Medical Marijuana, says most doctors are taking a wait and see approach..

"It's very difficult to find a doctor that's willing to stick their neck out and recommend medical marijuana," he said.

Most of the 25 states with legal medical marijuana do not sell to non-residents, even those with a doctor's authorization.

"I could drive to up (to Michigan) and try to get it, but they only sell to residents," Carrieann explained.

Nevada is one state where non-residents can get marijuana in a simple transaction.

Marshall said, "Nevada is an expensive plane flight away and it's not very practical."

The first draft regulations for Ohio pot growers and sellers should be out around next May.

The entire industry may not be up and running until September 2018.

Marshall said, "There's thousands of Ohioans using marijuana for medical purposes. They are just doing it illegally by buying from dealers or on the black market.

But most, like Josie, are waiting for a day that seems so close but is still so far away.


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