How to use your talent to make extra money

The steps you can take to turn your passion into a profit.

CLEVELAND - You may not be in the market for a new job, but would you still like to make extra money? Lots of people are making big bucks by tapping into their talents.

Take Katie Lamb. For ten years, she has been making a living as a midwife. But when she's not tending to buns in the oven, she's baking up just about everything else in her oven.

Making goodies for family and friends on the side has turned into the Katie Lamb Pie company.

"We started to bake more for people I know at the hospital, co-workers and colleagues, hoping to expand next into a commercial kitchen," said Katie.

That's where Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper of Improve Consulting and Training Groupsteps in, teaching clients to turn passions into profit.

"I am a firm believer because I've seen it hundreds of times," said Dr. Burts-Cooper. "You can take your idea and your passion and turn it into something that makes money. We create strategies so that people want to pay you for doing the thing you love."

First order of business is to create an engagement plan. Make a list of your interests and hobbies. Do you speak a foreign language? Are you a whiz at calculus or biology? Do you knit, sew, craft or bake in your spare time?

Next, ask yourself who would benefit from your product or service? Co-workers? Neighbors? Busy parents? Then, create an action plan identifying and building a network of who will play for it.

Katie built her base through friends and co-workers who did the marketing for her.

"We have been growing exponentially," said Katie.


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