Goodyear unveils new blimp, help name it

AKRON -- There's a new Goodyear blimp in town.

Goodyear made the unveiling at its Wingfoot Lake hangar in Akron on Friday.

Throughout the last 90 years, the design of airships hasn't changed -- until now...

This new blimp will be able to hover, which enhances the ability to get shots over sporting events for longer periods of time without the need to constantly move.

WATCH time-lapse video of the new blimp's construction (courtesy of Goodyear):

This ship has vertical takeoff and landing ability -- just like a helicopter. This is a major change as there will no longer be a need for rolling takeoffs or landings.

It is also said to be noticeably quieter.

Its first test flight is planned for March 17.

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As the brand new blimp is introduced, Goodyear is asking the public to help choose its name. The person who submits the winning idea wins the grand prize: An exclusive ride in the blimp.

CLICK HERE to submit your name suggestion for the new blimp.

Judging criteria:

  • Name acknowledges Goodyear's ongoing track record of delivering superior performance and innovation.
  • Name reflects the storied history and tradition of the Goodyear airship.
  • Name resonates with the Goodyear airships' long history of public service and community engagement.
  • Name reflects the grace and majesty of lighter-than-air flight.

Photos of new Goodyear airship

In October, the Spirit of Goodyear blimp took its last flight over Akron before heading south to Florida to be decommissioned.

WATCH footage from one of its farewell flights HERE:

SEE PHOTOS of its last flight.

It had been christened in March 2000.


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