Between the Lines: Candidates' CLE blitz,Golden Week, no Congressional debates

Between The Lines for September 11, 2016

This edition of Between the Lines aired Saturday night between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. and on Channel 3 News Sunday morning.

Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in the latest poll in Ohio.

Both candidates blitzed Greater Cleveland this past week. Trump appeared twice, Clinton once at a big Labor Day rally.

This came as the nation focused on both candidates as prospective Commander-in-Chief.

Does Trump have a new strategy and style connecting with Ohio voters? Did Clinton shore up her connections with both her union and African American base here?

This may be a surprise to you. But there's also a batch of Congressional races in Cleveland that are getting very little attention.

All the incumbents are heavy favorites. But how can underdog candidates get any attention? Some races may not see a single debate.

Even the Cleveland City Club, the last bastion of political tradition and dialog, is not holding Congressional debates this year.

How can challengers get more attention? Are incumbents refusing to debate shortchanging the public?

The U.S. Supreme Court may wind up deciding whether Ohio has 35 or 29 days of early voting.

Republican lawmakers canceled the Golden Week where voters could both register and vote.

Democrats challenged that, claiming it discriminated against African Americans. Courts have ruled both ways. And now the Supreme Court may consider the case.

Ohio already has more early voting opportunities than most states. Should the state be allowed to remove a week that tens of thousands of voters use? 37 states don't have a Golden Week provision.

Medical marijuana became legal this week in Ohio. But patients with conditions eligible to use it can't get it.

Why is that? And should or could Ohio act to have the rules-making process move faster?

WKYC Senior Political Correspondent Tom Beres discusses these issues in this week's edition of Between the Lines with Democratic former Congressional candidate Graham Veysey and WHK 1420 AM Conservative Talk Show host Bob Frantz.



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