Local man invents new secure credit card

CANTON -- A local man is trying to put an end to credit card fraud with his new invention: A card that has a photo ID encrypted inside.

It works just like a regular credit card, but instead of swiping, it uses a chip. When the scanner reads it, your picture appears in full color on the monitor for the teller or cashier to see.

Gary Ziegler came up with the idea after he had his credit card number stolen several times. The retired county treasurer has patents on headrests, airbags and shotgun shells, but his crown jewel is this new card.

"I said why not put a photo inside the card? You can put it on the card, but anyone can laminate over it. It has no security."

Only licensed scanners can read the card and there's no database to access. It's all in the card. It can also hold more than one element, which means your driver's license, passport, credit cards, EBT, basically any ID card, can all be wrapped up into one. The card can also hold multiple photos so you can share with a family member.

"It's not a cure all, but I think it's going to stop a lot of the person on person when you go to a retail store. …The old-fashioned photo, yeah that's you, and that's why they put them on driver's licenses and passports. It's a simple solution to a serious problem."

Ziegler is currently in talks with manufacturers for the card, and hopes to have it available in the near future.


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