FBI deputy director speaks ahead of Brelo verdict

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland is on the verge of a week that has the potential to become volatile.

On Thursday, FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano, a Middleberg Heights native, drew on Baltimore and Ferguson when he weighed in for reporters in on the Michael Brelo verdict that is looming large.

"The citizens of this great city and other cities have the right to protest. They have a right to vent. They have a right to speak their opinion but they don't have a right to destroy the city and businesses. A lot of the changes in this country have come from good civil protests," said Giuliano

When asked about local law enforcement's concerns over protesters coming to Cleveland, Giuliano said, "It's outsiders who tend to stir the pot. If we have that intel we pass it directly on to the PD, we have worked with Ferguson. We've worked with Baltimore and we will work with the Cleveland PD on that very thing. That 's what we bring to the game."

Giuliano added that the FBI will be a significant support role for security when the RNC comes to Cleveland:

"I feel very good that this will be a well protected event. I believe Cleveland will be very well prepared."

In general, Giuliano believes police are more vulnerable nowadays than even in the days when he was in blue as part of a Violent Crimes unit and SWAT.

"I do worry about that. And we worry about people in military uniforms that they could be targeted. That is a very real concern that we have. "


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