Are Clevelanders willing to bend more for Hollywood?

CLEVELAND -- Two movies in two weekends are hitting the silver screen, and both filmed big chunks in Cleveland and the surrounding area.

The signal sent by the rapid-fire release of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Draft Day" is that Hollywood is taking note of Cleveland as a backlot that comes with attractive tax incentives and a willingness to bend over backward to entice filmmakers.

We shut down highways and main thoroughfares for movie crews, some of whom were depicting action in Cleveland, some trying to pass Cleveland off as a different city.

Now that almost a full year has passed since our streets became sound-stages, how willing are Clevelanders to repeat scenarios?

"I think Clevelanders are kind of in the middle," says 100.7 WMMS afternoon host Alan Cox. "I don't think there's that 'cause and effect' in their brains yet. When they see the Shoreway sequence in 'Captain America 2' or 'Draft Day' they'll likely say 'Hey, I know where that is!' Do they go home and say 'I'd like to see more of that?' Big picture they do. But I'm not sure they're there yet. They'll definitely get there."

Cox, who talks to a lot of Cleveland commuters during his 3 to 7 p.m. shift, also has the advantage of a spouse who works for The Cleveland Film Commission.

"Remember, you're seeing a lot of production leave L.A. This is more of an indicator, a sign that more productions are heading to places like Cleveland," he said.


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