Is Cleveland the Midwest's Silicon Valley?

July 23, 2015: A city on the rise: a place where tech company entrepreneurs are planting and growing their businesses.

CLEVELAND -- A city on the rise: a place where tech company entrepreneurs are planting and growing their businesses.

Now, Forbes Magazine is asking if we could be the "Silicon Valley" of the Midwest.

Boxcast, a Cleveland start-up tech company, has been growing here for two years.

An example of why Forbes is saying the may be "America's new hub for entrepreneurs."

Yale grad Peter Spalding and Washington University grad Lena Kelly both chose to Cleveland to work for Boxcast. They are two of 12 employees co-founder Gordon Daily has hired in just the two years since he started Boxcast.

"Just the idea I could be part of a company that was transforming the way people communicated, was exciting for me," said Kelly.

Here's how Boxcast works: If St. Ed's High School plays St. Ignatius, ESPN may not be there, but Boxcast brings it to fans at home the same way Netflix streams us movies.

Do founder Gordon Daily explains, "They simply take their camera that's already at the game plug it into this little box. We've made it simple to broadcast their own live HD video to any viewer they have anywhere in the world"

At Boxcast you can bring your dog to work while you're part of a tech company that's catching on like wildfire and where impromptu ping pong games break out at their prime Cleveland office space, situated right off the Shoreway.

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"Here we design everything from the hardware to the software and what runs in the cloud right here at our Burke Lakefront office," said Daily.

He's a computer engineer who graduated from Case Western Reserve University and never left.

Kelly said, "I never thought I'd live in Ohio and here I am loving it."

She is part of the young city dwellers who fill up part of the now 98 percent full downtown apartments with more on the way.

"I say LeBron followed me here. We don't know how many people think that's actually true, but it's so much fun to be here. The food scene is awesome and there's a great and vivid art scene as well."

You could say organizations like Jump Start "water" these budding tech entrepreneurs, like Daily, who take root in the fertile ground of Cleveland, one of the nation's now notable innovation hubs.

Chief Operating Officer Cathy Belk said, "We really believe we're going to see 10,000 new jobs created in Northeast Ohio in the next 10 years and several billion dollars in new money invested in companies here."

Daily said Jump Start was crucial to Boxcast's success.

"They came and helped us put together a road map for how we can put together investor funding and grow the company from 0 employees two years ago to 12 employees now."

There are three more job openings at Boxcast right now, at this hugely successful start up smack-dab in the heart of a city still with that Midwest feel.

Daily smiles and adds, "You cant beat the cost of living. Or the traffic."


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