Local veterans discuss Trump and Clinton as prospective Commander-in-Chief

Here are veterans' views on a new commander-in-chief

CLEVELAND - 15-year Army and National Guard veteran Janice Capezzuto, of Broadview Heights, is a staunch backer of Hillary Clinton.

She says military men and women "want leadership, ability and someone who has the same values they can follow and not someone that's going to tell them to do something unlawful."

Jason Beardsley, of Columbus, spent 22 years in the service split between the Army and Navy, including some overseas tours of duty near combat zones.

He backs Donald Trump and spoke on his behalf at the Republican National Convention.

"He believes America is a force for good...He believe in strength of military, peace through strength," Beardsley said.

Clinton backers point to her diplomatic experience and familiarity with global leaders and situations.

Trump backers argue he has good instincts and a sense of when to be aggressive and when to back off if America's interests are not at stake.

Capezzuto says she is "terrified" of Trump's instability and potential control of nuclear codes.

Beardsley says Clinton's policies have Secretary of State have left the nation trying to defend what its troops fought for and battling the brutal terrorist group ISIS.

Beardsley says America's military is underfunded and under-equipped and backs Trump's expansion plans.

Capezzuto belives "Our military is strong."

Both watched tonight' forum. And both will be working to make their preferred candidate the next Commander-in-Chief.


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