Many Cleveland neighborhoods rocked by violence

Cleveland Police are investigating the city's 40th homicide this year. A man was found shot early Thursday morning in the area of Miles Avenue and East 120th.

While parts of Cleveland are undergoing revitalization, there are still many neighborhoods rocked by crime and violence.

"My neighbors are wonderful. We all help each other out, they help me cut my grass when I need to cut my grass. This street is wonderful."

It's the kind of quiet cul-de-sac where irises bloom and neighbors greet you with a smile.

Deeangela Fears has lived here a year, and says she loves her street. But on the other side of the property line, it's a different world.

"Everything is happening right outside my gate."

It's the kind of neighborhood that is like many others in the city of Cleveland.

"Oh Lord, it's like a war. I've seen people die on a motorcycle over here, crash over here, I hear about a murder over there."

In the early morning hours, Deeangela heard an all too familiar sound.

"I got thirsty last night and came down for a glass of water and I hear the gunshots. And you know, they sound really close. And a bullet don't have a name on it. It could come through the house. And not til this morning that I found out it was a murder."

Police found 54 year old Brian Powell dead on the corner of East 120th street and Miles. He had been shot with no suspects to be found.

People who live in the neighborhood tell us off camera that Powell lived here all his life. They say he was on his way to work when he was shot.

Investigators couldn't give many details, but they're working to find out if this was a targeted or random shooting.

In the meantime, Deeangla won't be scared from her neighborhood. She knows she's surrounded by good people.

"It's not about where you live, it's about how you live, you know."

Back in 2010 at this point, there were only 20 murders in the City of Cleveland.


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