Michelle Knight forgives Ariel Castro

CLEVELAND -- Despite all he put her through, Michelle Knight says she forgives Ariel Castro.

"If I did something wrong, even if it was a small thing, I would want somebody to forgive me," Knight said on this morning's edition of the TODAY show on NBC. "So I can forgive him for what he done wrong."

During the live segment with Savannah Guthrie, Knight also explained that she was saddened and confused when she heard Castro had killed himself in prison.

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"Why would he hurt his children like that? Why would he leave them?" she asked. "He was a human being, and every human being needs to be loved – even if they do something wrong."

When it comes to her current relationship with Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus -- the two others who were held captive in Castro's home -- Knight says she misses them and hopes they can reconnect.

"Right now we're all healing in our own way. Sometimes relationships, including friendships, don't last that long. We were just in each others' life for a short, minor time. Maybe, just maybe, one day we'll get back together."

Before she was kidnapped, Knight had a son who is now 14 years old.

"The love of my son helped me keep the faith that I had."

Her son's adoptive parents have shared pictures of him with Knight, but feel he's still too young to know everything that's happened.

"I'm glad that they have him and he's doing really well," she said. "I'm very proud of him for all the accomplishments that he has achieved."

She hopes to see him again sometime soon.

In addition, Knight says she has spent the last year trying new things.

"I'm doing just fine. Everything is really exciting right now. I'm doing singing, I'm also training to be a boxer and I just recorded my first song. It's just an awesome life right now."

Her favorite part of being in her own apartment?

"Being able to wake up in the morning, make a cup of coffee, and sit there, watch TV, listen to music and just look at the beautiful sky."

Last Friday, Knight revealed on the TODAY show that she had changed her name to Lillian Rose Lee. Sunday, Knight was featured on NBC's "Dateline" where she revealed more details about her experiences in Castro's home.

Tuesday marks the one year anniversary since Knight, Berry and DeJesus escaped years of captivity in the Seymour Avenue home.


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