North Ridgeville abduction case may be linked to Elyria, Cleveland

Serial abductor could connect three cases

Thursday night we are following new developments in the search for a kidnapper.

FBI investigators say one man kidnapped a Cleveland girl, tried to get an Elyria girl and are now looking into whether a 2015 abduction in North Ridgeville could be linked.

The reason we're just learning it might be linked to Elyria and Cleveland is because Thursday morning, investigators were knocking on doors in the neighborhood with pictures of the suspect.
This is just another opportunity to stop and take a look at who could be doing this and help put a brazen criminal behind bars. 
In the North Ridgeville case, a young girl was taken after a man entered her bedroom in the middle of the night. The dad was sleeping, there were other siblings in the house.
An individual entered the home and literally picked up the small child from her bed. He took her down the street. It's unclear how long he had her.
"She's a small child, so a lot of those details couldn't be really verified." At some point, he said he would be right back. When he left, she was able to get away and get back to her father. 
If you have any information, you are urged to call the FBI Tipline at 216-622-6842 immediately or your local authorities.

While the Elyria case is definitively linked to Cleveland, it's unclear whether the North Ridgeville case is linked to the aforementioned, however the way they happened are very similar. 

In the Elyria case, a man says he was awakened by his 10-year-old daughter claiming a man tried to pull her through her bedroom window.

Police were called to 606 Furnace St shortly before 4 a.m. Feb. 25. The man says his daughter ran into his room screaming.

She was awakened by someone grabbing her legs and trying to pull her out of her bedroom window. The girl described the man as a white man in his thirties, with brown eyes, wearing a black hoodie tied tightly around his face.

The suspect told the girl to cooperate and neither she nor her family would get hurt. The victim was able to break free and run into her father's room for help.

Her father went outside and noticed someone took a step ladder from the yard and placed it underneath his daughter's window.

The 6-year-old in Cleveland was allegedly abducted from her W. 104th Street home.

She told police her abductor was a white man with a neatly trimmed beard and at least one tattoo. She said she was kept in a bedroom until her abductor released her in the area of Lyric Avenue.

Since then, authorities have been searching for this person of interest:

The suspect is described as a white man with light brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard, approximately 5'10" tall. He has at least one tattoo and was wearing a red or maroon hoodie.

He may have been seen in the area of the abduction -- West 104th and Western Avenue -- a week prior to the abduction.

He took the 6-year-old to a brick house with a white door and black front porch railings in the area.

The suspect arrived early at the home -- about 5 a.m. -- and likely spent the entire day in a room in the home, then left the home on Saturday evening.

The bedroom where she was kept has some type of wallpaper on a bedroom wall that contains moose or deer with grass and trees.

Since then, authorities have been searching for this person of interest. It is believed that this unknown male’s manner of walk may be distinctive to someone that is familiar with him.   


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