'She in the CLE' blog a collective voice for women

September 2, 2015: It's a "blogger collective."

It's a "blogger collective."

One-stop shopping on everything from women entrepreneurs, faith, family, juice cleanses, menstrual cramps and climbing the corporate ladder.

"She in theCLE" has stories that tell the collective story of how behind every great city on the rise there are great women doing great things.

Amy Martin is one of them.

The working mom who started her own branding and marketing company, HyperThink, said She in the CLE is growing insanely more popular by the day.

Within a week of its launch, the website averaged 1,500 hits a day. Facebook likes have exploded to more than 1,000.

Martin says writers on the blog are filling a local niche for women to sound off in this city on the rise.

"You have a voice and it matters. Being a mom. Being an entrepreneur. Being a part of this community. The blogs are short, poignant, funny serious there's a story in everyone," said Martin. "This platform gives them that stage. It allows them to tell their stories in their own words, unedited, and make their story what they want it to be. All the response was the same. Women saying thank goodness. It's about time."

She in the CLE is the brain child of four smart "You go girl!" Cleveland women.

Amy Martin, Allison Peltz, Shibani Faehnle and Christina Klenotic.

Together they "see the possible" and fill a void for women bloggers in the CLE.

Too many talented bloggers, they said, were competing against each other for other busy women who have no time to visit multiple blogs.

Now they're in one spot pushing each other forward on She in the CLE. The new website is off and running to rave reviews.

"That was the confidence that we needed. That this was wanted really badly in Cleveland," said Martin.

In fact, the name "She In The CLE" came from the renaissance feel of the newly born mantra "This Is CLE".

Martin, like the rest of us, was feeling the vibe and thought,

"As long as there's a she in that CLE!" said Martin. "That's where it came from."


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