Cold weather takes a toll on your vehicles

CLEVELAND -- We know this continued cold weather takes a toll on the roads, but it can also take a toll on your wallet -- and your car.

Business is booming at local garages.

They're seeing everything from bent rims and flat tires to problems with suspension.

It's brutal, but it's also big business for local repair shops, like Conrad's Tire Express downtown.

Sam Jakabcic says they've definitely seen a jump in business this winter as compared to last.

"Rims that are damaged, tires that are damaged. Tires are getting breaks in the sidewall, tread or complete blow outs," says Jakabcic.

"We parked the car last night. This morning... it's flat," says Mike Cerone.

That flat tire also put a pin in Cerone's plans for the day. There was no going anywhere until Conrad's patched him up.

And he's not the only one.

Flat tires and busted rims are the norm inside the garage.

In fact, Conrad's has several rims on stand-by to show customers exactly what they're dealing with -- rims that look bent, twisted, or chewed up.

So what will it cost you to fix your destroyed rim and tire?

Try $250 and up.

Another money maker for the repair shops? Your car's battery.

"Cold weather really compromises a lot of things," says Jakabcic.

Your car simply needs more energy to get started when temps are this frigid.

And according to Sam, in the last two months, the sale of batteries is up 25 per cent.

So before you're forced to shell out $125 for a new battery, take Sam's advice: "You've got to be careful in the winter. You can't just start your car and go. You've got to warm it up."


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