Ariel Castro's cousin speaks out for the first time

When Amanda, Gina and Michelle escaped Ariel Castro's house of horrors a year ago for many with the Castro name a nightmare began.

Tonight, David Castro, a distant cousin of Ariel Castro, spoke out for the first time

"I've had people come up and want to beat me up because of this," he said.

In the last year David Castro has been yelled at, made fun of and even kicked out of businesses.

"I ordered a sandwich and said my name is David Castro ... asked if I was related, said 'Yeah, cousin' and for that reason they asked me to leave. Wouldn't serve me a sandwich. And they were not polite.Not polite. Said 'Get the F out."

David went to high school with Ariel but says the two never even talked.

David did grow up with Gina DeJesus' father and says he is still close with her parents.

"The families are so close," he said. "We grew up together, Jesus Christ. We loved each other. Holy cow, I can't understand how someone can turn out like this."

David insists -- if any relative had known what what happening on Seymour Avenue it would have been stopped.

No one but Ariel Castro is responsible for his actions, but member of the Castro family continue to pay the consequences.

"I want people to stop bringing it up," David says. "Let's not forget about this so we can protect other people, but enough is enough. The rest of the family didn't have nothing to do with this."


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