Google reveals Cleveland's top trending searches of 2014

Google went combing through trillions of searches that Clevelanders asked Google Search this year and found out the searches with the highest peak in traffic in 2014 as compared to 2013.

The results are in!

According to a Google news release, the data was used from multiple sources, including its public tool, Google Trends and internal data tools.

Spam and repeat queries were filtered out to build lists that best reflect the spirit of 2014.

Top-10 Trending Searches in Cleveland, Ohio in 2014:

1. World Cup

2. Robin Williams

3. Ebola

4. 2048

5. Kevin Love

6. Black Friday 2014

7. Philip Seymour Hoffman

8. Renee Zellweger

9. ALS

10. NBA Draft 2014

Top-10 "How To…" Questions for Cleveland, Ohio in 2014:

1. how to cornrow

2. how to draw

3. how to meditate

4. how to ballroom

5. how to crochet

6. how to fish

7. how to kiss

8. how to twerk

9. how to jailbreak

10. how to code

Top-10 "What is…" Questions for Cleveland, Ohio in 2014:

1. what is ebola

2. what is als

3. what is isis

4. what is pastrami

5. what is paypal

6. what is coachella

7. what is density

8. what is poutine

9. what is fasting

10. what is bitcoin

Top-10 News and Events for Cleveland, Ohio in 2014:

1. World Cup

2. Ebola

3. Black Friday 2014

4. ALS

5. NBA Draft 2014

6. Isis

7. Malaysia Airlines

8. Michael Brown

9. March Madness 2014

10. Ray Rice Video


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