ODOT still waiting to restripe Innerbelt bridge

CLEVELAND -- The Innerbelt bridge is one of the most traveled bridges in Ohio, and drivers say at the moment, it also seems to be one of the scariest.

On particularly dark and rainy evenings, drivers tell WKYC it can be hard to see the lane markers. ODOT spokesperson Jocelynn Clemings says her office has heard the complaints.

But since we first pressed ODOT for a solution April 8, there has been no progress.

"It's a problem that we're aware of. We know about, and we're working to fix," she said.

Clemings says a rough winter stripped away the reflective lane makers that help drivers see just where we're going on the Innerbelt. And you can blame this bad weather too, on fixing the problem.

"Unfortunately there has not been that perfect night to do it," she said. "Of course there have been dry and warm daytime temperatures, but that would impact your commute, and we certainly do not want to bring painting trucks out and close multiple lanes during your commute."

"What kind of conditions do you need to carry out the repainting?" Channel 3's Sara Shookman asked.

"We need nighttime temperatures over about 40 degrees and dry pavement. So that's been the trick the last few weeks," said Clemings.

Since we first brought the issue to ODOT's attention three weeks ago, data from the National Weather Service shows there have been at least five days that fit that forecast: April 18, 19 and 26, as well as May 5 and 6.

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Clemings said it's likely that scheduling and coordination of the subcontractors needed to do the work didn't match up on those days.

It's easier to schedule when ODOT can plan for a block of time, she said. She added the Innerbelt will take multiple days of those conditions to paint.

"We will look closely at weather conditions to see what they will bring us. It's possible that we could get a certain amount of striping done and then pick up where we left off in the coming days," she said.

ODOT should start this week restriping on the Innerbelt Bridge, said Clemings, as well as construction zones on Interstates 77 at 480 and on Interstate 90 on the East Side, near Vrooman Road.

All of these locations involve temporary changes in lanes, where ODOT doesn't use raised reflectors like other stretches of road, just the reflective paint.

"It doesn't make sense to embed those into the pavement when they are just going to be moved in a number of months," she said.

"It's not something that's just happening on the Innerbelt. It's happening on a lot of our interstates, and we know that, and we'll be restriping soon now that we have this good weather."

Clemings said ODOT restripes roadways twice each year because of problems with peeling paint.

While there are safety concerns, there haven't been many accidents.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says it not responded to any wrecks on the bridge since Jan. 1. It has responded to 13 crashes on either side of the bridge.

Accident reports from Cleveland police were not immediately available.


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