Rudy's Hardware closing, donating merchandise to Habitat

More than 20 volunteers were busy all day Tuesday -- and will be busy for at least a few more -- packing up merchandise at Rudy's Hardware in Cleveland.

Deciding to retire, Rudy also decided to donate the entire contents of his store to Habitat for Humanity.

"Rudy's really done all the heavy lifting so to speak," said Jeff Lehman, a Great Clips volunteer. "This is a tremendously generous offer he's making for Habitat for Humanity. We're really just part of the logistics. We're trying to get the items for point A to point B."

Rudy, who prefers to be known just as Rudy, says it was time to go, and he has no regrets.

"Fifty-four years is long enough, and we decided to close it and give it away," he said. "Habitat's been good … do a lot of good work in the neighborhood … just keep it up."

The merchandise will be sold at Habitat's stores, and some will be used to rehab houses in the neighborhood.

"This is going to help five houses in the neighborhood," said John Habat, executive director of Habitat for Humanity. "It's also going to help families in the Fairfax area, and how many families getting a bargain price at the restore?"

And how does Rudy plan to spend his retirement?

"Donate my time … maybe work for Habitat … volunteer," he says.


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