Zenworks Yoga sees the possible of wellness for everyone

CLEVELAND -- Yoga continues to be a hot fitness trend in Northeast Ohio. But some don't have the opportunity to experience it.

One group is seeing the possible by teaching yoga to kids and families, while changing minds, bodies and lives.

Over a dozen kids and teens are trying yoga, some for the first time, during a weekly, free class put on by Zenworks Yoga at the Clark Recreation Center in Cleveland.

"When they come to one of our classes, it's pretty intense. We walk them through a full class. They are doing breath work. They are doing poses," said Sonya Bepna Patel, founder & CEO of Zenworks Yoga.

Zenworks Yoga's goal is to give access to wellness to those who may not have the opportunity. The kids are learning quickly that yoga is not as easy as it looks.

"It was kind of hard to keep control of my balance and stuff," said 12-year-old Marlon.

"When you work out to it, it hurts, you're kind of sore," said 11-year-old Justin.

"It was fun, but it was a little painful on the other side," said 12-year-old Michael.

"You use a lot of your core strength. There is a lot of muscle tone that has to be built up for it," said Patel.

But despite the sore muscles, the students are seeing the benefits yoga can provide.

"I have, like, a really bad temper and I just want to get that calmed down. so I'll just keep doing yoga," said Michael.

"I think yoga, it helps you in a lot of different ways, your balance, your self esteem, all that," said Chris, who is in 11th grade.

Patel came up with the idea when she taught grade school in a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

She brought yoga into the classroom and gave her students a way to cope with daily stress. Now she is seeing even more success in Cleveland.

"They are also taking it home and sharing it, and kind of showing their families what yoga benefits can be and I think that's a huge success," said Patel.

ZenWorks Yoga has only been around for about a year now. They have served over 650 children and will be launching 20 school programs this fall.

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