Former Akron police captain is free again

AKRON -- The former police captain convicted of killing his ex-wife is a free man again.

This afternoon the Ohio Supreme Court ordered his temporary release -- just hours after an appeals court ordered him back to jail.

The day started in the same courthouse where a jury convicted Doug Prade of killing his ex-wife Margo back in 1997.

But three hours after ordering Prade back to jail this morning, the Ohio Supreme Court stepped in, ordering his release.

His sister Yvonne Prade is shocked at the quick turn of events.

"I was crying this morning, and now I'm smiling. I couldn't say a word this morning, but I'm happy now," said Yvonne.

As cameras followed Prade to his car, he didn't show any emotion and didn't want to answer any questions -- he only made one statement.

"This has been a crazy day, but you guys seem to forget that I spent 15 years in hell," he said.

Prade served those 15 years before a judge set him free last year based on new DNA evidence.

But on Wednesday, the 9th District Court of Appeals reversed the judge's ruling, stating that the new evidence did not prove Prade's innocence and he should return to serving his sentence.

It brought back painful memories to Margo's family as they sat in the courtroom, wearing the name tag Margo had on her lab coat at the time she was murdered.

But now that the Supreme Court has stepped in and Prade is free, his sister is counting her blessings.

"I'm a religious person, and I believe it was the hand of God that waved over the situation," she said.

This case is far from over.

The prosecution is filing a response to Thursday's ruling.

It will explain why they believe Prade should go back to prison to finish his murder sentence.

Web extra: Former appellate judge Mary Jane Trapp discusses the case:


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