Laced with love: School bus driver does more than just drive

A bus driver for the Stockton Unified School District is doing a lot more than just getting kids safely to and from school. (Sept. 14, 2016)

Since the start of the school year, Naghina Khan is doing a lot more than just getting kids safely to and from school.

The bus driver for the Stockton Unified School District is saving parents money, and putting smiles on the faces of kids by giving a little extra life to some worn out shoes.

“I had a kid on the bus and he was coming up the steps and I noticed that his shoes were just flopping everywhere, so I told him ‘Manual, I will fix your shoes if you have another pair of shoes to wear tomorrow,’ so once I brought those shoes back, the other kids went crazy,” Khan said.

What first seemed crazy is now Khan’s cause, fixing up the shoes of her elementary and middle school passengers, and polishing them up to as good as new.

“It made them so excited, and it just made me so excited to see how excited they were,” Khan said.

Naghina has fixed up more than 40 pairs of shoes so far this school year. The before-and-after photos of her work speaks for itself.

“The kids go through them so quickly, you know, it’s better to try and fix them up and use them as long as you can,” Khan said. “And I know it helps the parents and the kids, so I don’t mind doing it.”

When the costs to fix her kids’ shoes were starting to add up, Khan wrote a letter to her favorite paint and glue company, Angela’s Direct.

“I told them what I was doing on the bus,” Khan said. “How these kids need their shoes fixed, and they sent me a huge amount of paint, paint brushes, rags and cleaners.”

With plenty of supplies in hand, Khan just wants to help as many people as she can.

“It’s from my heart when I do this. I’m not expecting nothing from these kids, nothing from the parents,” Khan said. “I just want to do good for other people. Especially here in town, because here in Stockton, it’s known as a bad city to a lot of people, but it’s my hometown and if I can give back I want to.”

After helping so many of her passengers, Khan now wants to do a shoe drive where she can fix shoes up and give them out to kids in the Stockton community.

If you're interested in donating shoes or supplies, check out Khan's Facebook page.

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