Last full moon on Friday the 13th for 35 years

CLEVELAND - Friday evening will offer a great viewing opportunity of the "strawberry"or "honey moon" of June.

Although this month's full moon reached fullness early Friday morning at 12:11 a.m., skies will be mostly clear across northern Ohio Friday evening for another viewing of one of the few full moons to fall on a Friday the 13th..

On average, this event occurs once about every 14.3 years. Astronomers say it last happened in October 2000, but won't take place again until August 2049.

So, make sure you get out to see this once in a lifetime event, for some.

Our partners are USA Today had viewers submit pictures of the moon earlier today from around the world...

In California, contributor Leslie Sigala shot this image of the moon at sunrise over San Francisco.

Greg Hogan gave us a detailed look at the full moon from Kathleen, Ga.

Crystal Pommet framed the moon as it appeared in Signal Hill, Calif. "So happy the clear night allowed us the view," Pommet wrote.

"Tonight I didn't even have to leave my backyard. What a rare and beautiful treat," said Lisa Cecil of her photo taken in Lebanon, Ohio.

As the moon rose over Murrells Inlet and Garden City, S.C., Austin Bond snapped this shot.

The full moon glowed with a yellow tint over Woodbury, Minn., in this photo by Jonathan Watkins.

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